Who we are

The Wanza Family Synergy.

Multicultural and multilingual professionals who have lived, studied and worked in countries such  as Sweden, The US and Spain.

Experience in serving international clients, through a family-owned hotel, a facilities management service and a business consultancy.

Global citizens and local experts with personal/in-depth understanding of the relocation process to ensure a successful transition to and from Ethiopia.


What we do

Making the Challenge Simple.

We partner with you in planning and implementing an effective business trip, project visit and international transfer to and from Ethiopia.

We help you reduce cost, naturally adapt to your environment while speeding up the logistics process of your Ethiopian business trip or relocation.

We help you find the right support for your particular project, whether you are a multinational company, organization or a transferring individual who are new to Ethiopia. 

Why us?

Three Simple Reasons.

We are registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Ethiopia as a sole professional relocation service provider in Ethiopia, centrally located ca 10 min from the International Airport.

We are able to assist you with a range of destination services from the get-go and throughout the visit, transition or project.

You avoid the hassle and risks of hidden costs, jeopardizing privacy and lack of customer focus associated with outsourcing services to third-party service providers.

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