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Solving your Business Trip & Ethio Relocation.


We manage all practical aspects involved in a business trip or an international transfer to ensure a successful visit and/or relocation process. 

With our own logistic infrastructure around the corner, such as vehicles, multilingual staff and service styled accommodation we are able to assist you with a range of destination services from the get-go and throughout the visit or transition.

— Consequently freeing up hours of your precious time and allowing you to concentrate on your business activities.


Our services

Business / Working Visit

Wanza partners with corporations, government agencies, NGO’s and other actors in order to strengthen their capacity to achieve their missions. This program is designed to assist and support the client for the duration of their business or working visit and/or start-up’s and in-country programs etc.

Services within the Business Visit program usually include some or all of the followings:

  • Personalized airport pick up and drop off
  • Temporary accommodation 
  • Car service (with driver)
  • Support service pertaining to: 

Visits to project sites and travelling. Business and administrative services (consultation, translation, negotation etc), Security, Health, Logistics and Recreation (tours, restaurants, leisure) and Personal concierge services  

Preview Trip

This program is designed as a comprehensive introduction to local knowledge and overview of life, society, health care and the housing market in Ethiopia. The program is personalized in order to meet the client individual needs and requests. The program is ideal for client’s who are considering an international assignment and need to learn more about their new Ethiopian environment.

NB. The Preview Trip Program may be extended if assistance with schooling and preschool is needed.

Services within the Preview Trip Program usually include some or all of the followings:

  • Preliminary needs assessment analysis 
  • Personalized airport pick-up (Airport Shuttle Service)
  • Introductory briefing with welcome pack
  • Accompanied tour of Addis Ababa
  • Accompanied property viewings
  • Accompanied school visits
  • Follow-up consultation to address outstanding queries or issues arising from the visit


Temporary Housing

This program is designed to offer the client a short-term housing in an apartment or house of your choice alternatively: serviced-styled accommodation at our own hotel, located in a tranquil area of Addis Ababa City Centre.

Services within the Temporary Housing Program usually include some or all of the followings:

  • Personalized airport pick-up (Airport Shuttle Service)
  • Support Service Program [at office during bussiness hours or through telephone] 
  • Furnished rental housing (House or apartment – rent and utility included)

Serviced-styled accommodation offer

NB. The Serviced style hotel offer is allocated based upon on agreement with the client. Meals, phone calls and other hotel expenses outside the contract are not included.

Spacious homely rooms ,42 sqm furnished with french balcony, king bed, seating area, working desk, small refrigerator, luggage cabinet with extra storage and a wardrobe including bathrobes, slippers, ironing items, private safe and large bathrooms with bathtub, shower set and amenities. Complimentary continental breakfast, 24h free Wi-Fi and restaurant (open 7 am – 11 pm daily). The rooms are equipped with dinnerware, electric kettle, portable burner/counter stove, microwave etc. 


Home Search

This program is personalized and designed to ensure a successful accommodation in line with the client’s housing needs, lifestyle and allowance. The program helps client understand the Addis Ababan/Ethiopian housing market, rental prices and aims to offer the client the most suitable option.

NB. Home Search Program is only started once the client is in a position to commit to a lease start date.

Services within the Home Search Program usually include some or all of the followings:

  • Client needs assessment
  • Pre-selection and arranging inspections of short-listed properties
  • Pick-up from and return to hotel or rental housing or office
  • Overview of residential areas appropriate to lifestyle and budget
  • Accompanied property visits by a Wanza representative and Real Estate agent
  • Area orientation tour
  • Assistance with negotiation and signing of lease/rent negotiation
  • Assistance with inspection of the property
  • Assistance with move-in

School Search

This program aims to assist you in finding and securing a place for your child/children in the best suited school/day-care while taking into account your preferences in terms of educational standards, budget and timeline.

NB. School Search Program is only started once the client is in a position to commit to a relocation.

Services within the School Search Program usually include some or all of the followings:

  • Individual student/child needs assessment
  • Detailed school/day-care search needs analysis
  • Set up interviews with schools/day-care center
  • Accompanied school/day-care visits
  • Assistance with enrollment

Settling in

This program is designed to assist and support the client and his/her family to their new environment before and during the relocation. Settling in services are provided once the client has decided to stay and preferably has found a suitable property. The program gives a comprehensive introduction to Ethiopia and is personalized by the needs of support in settling in.

NB. Settling in support may include a broad range of services but usually include a combination of the following elements: 

  • Personalized airport pick up
  • Residential services: utilities accounts/connections
  • Area and neighbourhood orientation: shopping malls, grocery stores etc
  • Advice on employing domestic help: chef/cook, security, maid etc
  • Assistance with local registrations: bank account(s), driving licence etc
  • Health care assistance: doctors, dentist, child care and emergency care
  • Family leisure service: volunteering opportunities, language courses, expatriate communities and sports etc

Support Service

This program is designed to assist and support the client and his/her family during the term of the contract. The services mainly pertain to security and tenancy management

NB. Support Service may be billed hourly or on a monthly rate

Support Service may include a broad range of services but usually include a combination of the following elements: 

  • Telephone and personal consultancy 09.00-17.00 
  • 24h Emergency support upon contractual agreement
  • Residence service pertaining to tenancy and management
  • Staff hiring assistance: drivers, maids, nannies, cooks, guards etc.



This programme is designed to coordinate the shipment of your vehicle or vehicles on arrival to Ethiopia or assist you in renting/leasing or purchasing a new vehicle, as well as selling a used vehicle when you return to your home country or next destination.

Services within the Transportation Program usually include some or all of the followings:

  • Assist you with all the documentation required to import your vehicle
  • Assist you with securing an Ethiopian driving license
  • Assist you with purchasing or renting from the most reliable car companies in Addis Ababa
  • Arranging registration and technical inspections of your vehicle by R.T.A. (Ethiopian Road Transport Authority)  
  • Reference to reliable car mechanics and suppliers available in Addis Ababa in regards to vehicle repairs and spare parts.


This program is designed to determine the client’s needs and solve departure related issues, such as termination of the client’s accommodation. The program is personalized in line with the client’s individual requirements.

Services within the Departure Program  usually include some or all of the followings:

  • A departure checklist
  • Assistance in coordinating: movers and shipment of freight
  • Assistance with lease termination/arrange for refund of deposit
  • Arrange the final meter readings with the landlord and final payment of any bills including the return of keys etc.
  • Inspection and inventory of residence with the tenant and the landlord
  • Arrange professional cleaning if required
  • Disposal of all garbage
  • Arranging the layoff and severance of domestic staff and driver
  • Personal pick up and drop off at the Airport from accommodation. A Wanza representative will accompany the client and his/her family to the terminal and assist with possible baggage claim and custom duties.



Business Advisory

Our advice is based on a deep understanding of the Ethiopian business sector, and the stages of business growth from start-up through to maturity and diversification.

We understand the concerns facing foreign entrepreneurs involve law and regulations managing growth and maximizing the value of their business.

We listen to your concerns and provide independent, objective and practical business advice to provide solutions.

Our Business Advisory Services include:

  • Setting Up a New Business in Ethiopia
  • Contractor management company / Umbrella Company 
  • Feasibility studies
  • Types of Business Entities
  • Investment opportunities
  • Preparation of Business Plans
  • Licensing and Registration Process
  • Taxation
  • HR
  • Management
  • Financial Reporting (Accounting) Systems
  • Business Ownership Structure
  • Management System Review and Reporting
  • Cash Flow Projections and management


Intercultural communication training


Understanding Ethiopian cultural values   

  • Basic Amharich – language structure and useful terms and phrases, 
  • cross cultures 
  • Leading across cultures
  • Recruting across cutures


Terms & Conditions

All our programs may include but are not limited to all the service in question. Program contents are provided for informational purposes until stated in writing (through contract) by Wanza Relocation after prior negotiation and agreement with client.

Real Estate

Your New Home in Addis Ababa.

Wanza Relocation mediate anything from apartment, houses, offices and land.  On your behalf and in corporation with ADCO and RESCOM, two full-service property management companies, we screen the market to find a property, which matches your requirements and budget.  Our real estate partners are licensed, fluent in English, experienced and manages portfolios of 700+ unique assets. Wanza Relocation is a completely impartial independent company and do not accept any referral fees from any estate agent nor charge our clients any additional fees other than those stated on the contract. 

N.B. In order to be legally eligible to buy real estate or land in Ethiopia one must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Having a Ethiopian citizenship. 
  • Being a foreign national of Ethiopian origin
  • Having at least one Ethiopian parent.
  • A foreign investor (holding investment permit(s) and license(s) registered by Ethiopia’s Investment Commission (EIC) may own property in the name of the company).

Property sample

Property sample: Apartment

Apartment sample

Click images to enlarge.

Area: Kazanchis

Furnished: No

Area size: 80 Sq.m

Rooms: 3

Floor: 1

Misc: Refurbished and close to city centre


Property sample: Medium size house

Medium House sample

Click images to enlarge.

Area: Old Airport

Furnished: Yes

Area size: 100 Sq.m

Rooms: 4

Floor: 2

Misc: Suburban family home with big garden

Property sample: Large size house

Large size sample

Click images to enlarge.

Area: Top View/Megenanga

Furnished: Partly

Area size: 350 Sq.m

Rooms: 7

Floor: 4

Misc: Walk-in closet, saunas and gym room

NB. Please note that the properties shown above are examples on the type of properties we mediate.

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